Beijing Applied Innovative Technology Software Co., Ltd (AITSOFT) is a Chinese enterprise invested by South Korea. Established in August 8th, 2000, we specialize in enterprise information software development, system integration, company management, and information consulting. We have a subsidiary interactive design company (US Beijing interactive design), which specialize UI design, app development, web development, and other businesses.

Currently, AITSOFT and friends have an interactive design of over 150 employees. Our customers exceed 200, including some of the world's top 500 enterprises—Samsung, LG, POSCO, Hyundai, SK, Lenovo—along with China's domestic firms such as the Puli group and Haier Group. AITSOFT's service has received their high evaluation and professional recognition.
i-Net is based on our TCP/IP protocol (network); all information exchange occurs through the network, and only company staffs or personnel with user privileges can operate the platform.
i-DRP provides logistic services that meet the requirements of our customers. As the goal of system construction is to achieve such matter with minimal costs, logistics costs are reduced through integrated logistics of information systematizing the logistics information.
B2B ensures high security, reliability, extensiveness of time, timeliness, current affairs to economize our customers’ investment cost individualization, high efficiency, expansibility, and availability.
Through continuous improvement and management of company sales, marketing, customer service, customer support, and business processes related to customer relation, i-CRM improves the level of automation; thus it leads to the shortening the sales cycle, reduction of sales costs, expansion of sales, increase of income and profit, and preemption of market share.
i-Learning is a simple yet diverse systematic educational process, which makes full use of multimedia, develops vivid and intriguing curriculums, and actively cultivates employee education without interfering with the normal business of the enterprise.
ESMS allows for effective management from offers to reception, all marketing activities pass through order information. Budget sales plans provides information relevant from supply and demand to production capacity. It thoroughly meets consumer demands and prevents sales loss.
IPTV is a system that uses broadband network as a medium to transmit television information; broadband programs transmit digital television services to their subscribers through broadband internet protocols. Due to the demand for the internet, IPTV services will often provide services such as but not limited to IP phones and internet connections.






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